Episode 18 – The Land Grab

Episode 18 – The Land Grab

Well here we go!

Nate and Dike open up with an ode to Claudio Ranieri who was sacked on Thursday, after Leicester’s 2-1 loss in the Champions League round of 16.

The guys then check in with an update on the Major League Soccer news of the week. With San Diego State University pouring cold water on the updated proposal on Monday, speculation has picked up speed at a rapid rate.

Accusations of land grabs and speculation regarding the true intentions of FS Investors has been rife and now rival plans are taking form in the shape of a local developer named Doug Manchester.

In a city where there are constant complaints about how nothing ever gets done, it is somewhat ironic that a group of action-oriented, forward thinking investors would catch blowback about their action-oriented, forward thinking proposal.