Ask The College Coach – How Is It That College Coaches Are Done Recruiting For The Next Two Years?

Ask The College Coach – How Is It That College Coaches Are Done Recruiting For The Next Two Years?

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Dear Ask The College Coach,

We recently attended one of your club college panels and were shocked to hear the coaches on the girls’ side say that for many of them they are already done with picking players for the next two years.

Can you share with me how all these 9th and 10th grade girls are getting offers to attend a college to play soccer from a coach when the rules say that coaches can’t talk or interact with players till their junior year?

It seems quite unfair that many girls and their parents don’t know this and will continue to want to go to a school, spending time and money despite the fact there is no room because 9th and 10th graders are already assigned? Thank you for explaining this process.

Judy L.

Mother of 9th grade girl

Northern California



I personally find it silly for any coach to say that they are already done with recruiting.  If a player is good enough, can help improve the squad, wants to attend a college where she can make an impact and has good character, then why would a coach stop them from joining the program?  Now, available athletic scholarship, that is another topic.

The rules about when ,where and how to speak with a college coach can be difficult.  College coaches can communicate with prospective student athletes that are not yet juniors in camp settings as well as well as unofficial visits.  Phone calls or emails cannot be initiated by the college coach but can come from the prospective student athlete. It is also common for a club or high school coach to act as the intermediary.

If an interested potential recruit is in 9th or 10th grade, then her club coach or Director of Coaching is more than likely facilitating the communication between players and the university. This is one of the main things your club director or coach can do to help you with the process.  Once a prospective student athlete is on campus for an unofficial visit, then communication can occur no matter what the age of the student-athlete.

Good luck in your college search.  Hope this helps.

Derek leader
Head Coach, Women’s Soccer
3300 West Camelback Road | Phoenix, AZ 85017