Education at the San Diego Soccer Institute

Education at the San Diego Soccer Institute

The mission of the San Diego Soccer Institute (SDSI) is not only to develop players in terms of individual skill and team orientation but to also educate players about health using “state-of-the-science” training and assessments. Dr. Jesus Rico-Sanz holds a PhD in Human Physiology, a Master of Science in Exercise Science, and a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology. Along with the degrees, he has coaching experience from the youth level all the way to the professional. Notably, he has been the head soccer coach at the University of California at Davis, the assistant coach for the San Diego Flash of the National Premier Soccer League, and the head coach for the Los Angeles Blues of the USL. When joining the San Diego Soccer Institute, players will be educated on soccer-specific fitness, physiology, nutrition, and “Soccer to Life”.

Soccer is a very intense and physical sport that requires fast changes in direction and movements and different velocities. The people at SDSI believed that it is very important to learn the several elements of fitness that are specific to soccer in order to maintain health levels.

The SD Soccer Institute proudly offers state-of-the-science soccer training programs. Under Dr. Rico-Sanz, all of their soccer programs are designed according to the latest progressions in soccer physiology. The institute believes that skill development is based on the most advanced knowledge of neuromuscular physiology.

The proper nutrition is vital for any athlete to succeed. At the SD Soccer Institute, players will learn the specific nutrition guidelines needed for soccer players to succeed.

Soccer to Life
Soccer to Life is a special program that the institute offers to help kids in the community learn how to cope with the challenges of a modern society. Their goal is to provide an excellent support system that not everyone has in order to help individuals recognize and solve daily challenges.

The SD Soccer Institute offers services that go beyond the pitch in order to help players reach their full potentials.