Competitive Youth Soccer Excels in Imperial Valley

Competitive Youth Soccer Excels in Imperial Valley

When Chula Vista FC’s Hugo Molina met Robert Osoria back in 2011, it was apparent that the hunger for soccer in the Imperial Valley was there. Passion existed at the youth level, but, there was a lack of qualified coaches to guide the young kids in the right direction. Five years later, competitive soccer in the Imperial Valley is improving day to day with the leadership of Imperial Valley United FC.

When we asked Osoria to describe what attracted him to working with Chula Vista FC, he spoke highly of their endless support, defined organizational structure and opportunity for growth. “I was a parent who was coached into coaching,” said Osoria. Osoria who is currently coaching the 2005 Boys team. Osoria currently possesses his USSF D License and is the Director of Coaching for the club 100 miles east of San Diego.

While it’s important to grow the game with players within the club, he expressed the need for qualified coaches to do that job, “Right now, we have more kids wanting to play soccer than we can coach.” While that might seem like an excellent problem to have for most clubs, it becomes a challenge when the kids are not being taught or prepared to play at the level they need to be for competitive travel soccer. “We have a problem when the kids are not at the level we want them to be and then parents end up pulling them out of club soccer.”

For Imperial Valley United FC, they want to ensure that long-term player development is the club’s focus and to do that they are looking to expand their current coaching staff. In their short history, IVUFC has earned SDDA Flight 1 Champion B2002 and Flight 1 3rd place B99 which is impressive for a young club. Osoria mentioned that it’s “not necessarily our goal to win games, but more so to have team success through player development. We are striving to be consistent winners through development.”

By developing a strong club philosophy and the collaborating with Chula Vista FC, Osoria believes that Imperial Valley United FC will compete at a high level in the Presidio League in the near future. “ The future of soccer in the Imperial Valley has never looked brighter in no small part due to the tremendous support CVFC has shown our little community.

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