Women Talking Football – Presented by SoccerNation: USWNT’s Angela Hucles on Ceres Platinum

Women Talking Football – Presented by SoccerNation: USWNT’s Angela Hucles on Ceres Platinum

Angela Hucles found soccer success early on at Norfolk Academy before then going on to be a four year All ACC player at the University of Virginia. She was such a stand out that she appeared 109 times for the USWNT, earning two World Cup Bronze medals along the way.  She also has two Olympic Gold medals and in the 2008 Olympics was the second leading scorer in the tournament. Hucles also played in WUSA and WPS as a professional soccer player.

After retiring in 2009, Angela sold real estate but found her true calling in advocacy and entrepreneurship by using the tools that sport teaches one about leadership and empowerment of people. She is one busy woman. Of her many involvements she founded Empowerment Through Sport, Fueling Dynamic Leaders with LA Clippers nutritionist, Meg Mangano and recently finished serving a two-year term as the President of the Women’s Sports Foundation. Angela even has a TedX Talk under her belt.

Most recently she and former USWNT teammate, Heather Mitts, have joined forces post-retirement as founders of Ceres Platinum. Discovering a niche that is essential.

When professional athletes transition to retirement, there is often a void. They struggle to assimilate into a “normal” life. Gone is the rigid schedule, the benefits of success, and often times athletes get taken advantage of by people with their own agendas. Angela Hucles and Heather Mitts, have created a platform for planning life after the field, court or diamond.

Ceres Platinum is a company that helps former professional athletes transition to civilian life, offering support with financial success strategies, career advancements and life at large when the playing days come to an end. In ancient mythology, Ceres is the goddess of agriculture, and while their company started originally to help fellow goddesses with their journey, Ceres Platinum is there to help any former pro or executive have a strategic game plan for their new life.

They offer guidance and help in five areas:

  • Wealth Management/Development
  • Financial Services
  • Media Career Management
  • Event Career Management
  • Brand Strategy / Marketing

When asked why start Ceres, Angela explained,Both of us have been burnt by the people that we put our faith and finances into. Ceres was created to protect our “teammates” – the athletes and now the executives that need a trusted resource that has researched, vetted and partnered with the best.”

No one really teaches players what to do after retirement, there is no set playbook for that, Ceres Platinum fills a void, helping to create a customized plan of attack for the rest of a pros life.

To learn more about Ceres Platinum and Angela’s leadership development projects have a listen to the Women Talking Football interview: