Catching Up with Chula Vista FC

Catching Up with Chula Vista FC

Back in February, Chula Vista FC was awarded US Soccer Development Academy status for their U12 program. Needless to say, the club has been very busy with the program to ensure the status is maintained. We caught up with J. Hector Diaz, the Director of Coaching for CVFC, to discuss what’s new with the club.

Besides tryouts for your upcoming league play, what has your club been up to?

Things have been hectic for us with tryouts. We are finishing up tryouts this week and are ready to kick off our league play at the end of May. We also just recently competed in the National Premier League tournament in San Bernardino.

Can you tell us more about your trip up north?

Our boys team (B2002) played in the SoCal NPL in San Bernardino, CA two weekends ago. We came in 3rd place of the tournament after losing our last match against Las Vegas Sports Academy on April 17.  For the most part, we looked as though we could win the entire tournament but our match against LVSA was a tough loss.

What would you say caused the turnaround in the loss to LVSA?

Las Vegas is a very good team, with a couple of very dangerous players. We played great that game and not all games go your way. Vegas found a couple of weak spots, and exploited them well. Now, we know where we need to go to work in preparation for the season. It’s disappointing but we have something to build on.

What would you say is the benefit of competing in pre-season tournaments?

We were trying to find the correct chemistry playing together going into next season, and we started doing that. That is one of the reasons we joined the tournament. We wanted to get a head start with the Birth Year Initiatives and it is really helping in grading our team and gauge where we are at.

That combined with your development academy, I’m sure keeps your club busy. 

Soccer 24/7 and it’s not an exaggeration.

We know that all too well. What can we expect for Chula Vista FC in the near future?

We are working with NC Battalion to possibly visit them for an upcoming friendly match. Also, we’re continuing with our development academy training.


For more information on Chula Vista FC, you can visit their website.