“We Represent Chula Vista”

“We Represent Chula Vista”

The road to 2016 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup final continues Saturday for the team from the 2nd largest city in the County.

“We represent Chula Vista and understand that we owe it to our community to do well.” said Goalkeeper Sebastian Ortiz. The team from Chula Vista will be showcased in a Round 2 Qualifying matchup vs. La Maquina, who are hoping to avenge their early exit from the cup last season.

Last year in Arizona, Ortiz kept a clean sheet while the team dominated on the other side of the ball in the 3-0 victory. He hopes to do the same on Saturday. The team is expecting at least 1,000 attendees to watch them play at Eastlake High School. This is the first time they are hosting a meaningful game in the U.S. Open Cup. The coaches hope to shed light on the success of local soccer in San Diego. “The support of our neighbors, friends and family here in Chula Vista means the world to us,” said Coach Diaz. Having traveled to Arizona, Las Vegas and Los Angeles for previous matches, the home crowd will definitely give them a leg up in the competition.

In addition to a clean sheet, midfielder Danny Torre, 27, hopes to achieve their team goal of possession control for the game. “If we can keep possession as a team, we know we will have a good chance at winning the game,” said Torre. Torre and Ortiz understand how much the game helps the region but also allows others on the team to succeed. “Competing in the Open Cup allows us to hold each other to higher standards.” Matching up against successful USL and PDL teams like Sacramento Republic FC will force the team to do well in aspects of the game, on and off the field.

Chula Vista Football Club wants to be known for its talent and determination to represent an entire city. The team is up for the challenge. You can buy tickets, they are still available via Universe.com.