Watch ‘Em Again, or Maybe for the First Time

Watch ‘Em Again, or Maybe for the First Time

A selection of soccer-themed movies you can stream at home

Keep reading to discover a wide-ranging list of soccer-themed movies for you and the family. Some are for kid-friendly, some are NOT. Check the rating before you sit down with the kiddos to watch.

Do you have a personal favorite that’s not here? Comment below!

Goal: The Dream Begins (2005) PG13

This one is a modern classic. Who doesn’t love Santiago!?

$2.99 rental on iTunes

There’s also Goal 2: Living the Dream, where Santiago heads off to Champions League (spoiler… sorry). Don’t bother with Goal 3. It has been universally and rightfully panned.

Bend it Like Beckham (2007) PG13

Another classic, especially for girls.

It’s free if you have or Starz. $3.99 rental on iTunes

Kicking and Screaming (2005) PG

BRING ME MY JUICEBOX! What’s your favorite line? Everybody has (at least) one.

It’s free if you have Starz. $3.99 rental on iTunes

Escape to Victory (1981) PG

Sly Stalone stuck in a German WWII POW camp? Say no more…

$3.99 rental on iTunes

United (2011) PG13

I’ll admit it. I have not seen this one yet, but that will not be the case soon. I’ve already rented it on iTunes because the trailer sold me.

UPDATE: PASS on this one…. It’s 99% sob story, 1% (the end credits) positivity.

$3.99 rental on iTunes. If you have Amazon Prime, it’s $0! click here.

Gracie (2007) PG13

Gracie is inspired by, and loosely based on, Elisabeth Shue’s childhood. (ATTN GEN-Xers: That’s the Elisabeth Shue of Karate Kid & Adventures in Babysitting fame)

$3.99 rental on iTunes, $2.99 on YouTube

Her Best Move (2007) G

If you need a movie to occupy a tween girl for 90min, this may be just the ticket. It’s Rated G and looks like a Taco Bell Quesadilla — pretty cheesy and also pretty cringy (but lots of people love it).

$2.99 rental on YouTube. $3.99 on iTunes.

Air Bud 3: WORLD PUP (2000) G

I may have been risking a red card if I didn’t include Air Bud in this list.

$2.99 rental on iTunes

Offside (2006) PG

A movie for the global women’s movement. It’s about Iranian women who want to watch a World Cup Qualifying match, but they’re not allowed in the stadium.

$3.99 rental on iTunes

Believe (2013) PG

A ManU coach comes out of retirement to help a troubled young lad — it’s got all the makings of a “feel good” family movie.

$2.99 rental on YouTube. $3.99. on iTunes.

Mi Amigo Alexis (2019) PG

Alexis Sanchez plays himself in this one.

This one is on Netflix

Apache: The life of Carlos Teves (2019) TV-MA

This is a one-season binge-worthy dramatization of the life of Carlos Teves. It is, however, only suitable for binging AFTER the kids have gone to bed.

Apache is on Netflix

Did I leave out your favorite? Comment below!


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    Jerry J Velazquez 2 years

    Pelada – 2010 Documentary

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    Jesus De Santiago 2 years

    Left out Pele: Birth of a Legend the movie!

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