TEAM PROFILE :: Encinitas Express Boys 2005 #youthsoccer

TEAM PROFILE :: Encinitas Express Boys 2005 #youthsoccer

The boys 2005 team from Encinitas Express, coached by Andy Hargraeves, recently won the championship at the 2018 Attack Summer Classic (Gold bracket).  The team is made up of incoming seventh and eighth graders who will be attending various local middle schools this coming school year.

After the game, SoccerNation took a few minutes to talk with the boys about their big win and soccer in general.

SN: “Congrats on the championship! How did you make it to the big game? How did group round go?”

EE: “We got twenty-nine points [out of a possible 30] in the group round!”

SN: “Twenty-nine!? [joking] Why didn’t you max out your points??”

EE: “Our goalie let in one.”

Goalkeeper: “HEY! I scored one, though! So I made up for it!!”

SN: “You’re right. That makes up for it!”

SN: “So, what are your favorite teams?”

EE: “BARCA!”  “South Korea!”  “Chelsea!”  “Arsenal!”  “Man United!”

At the mention of Chelsea and Arsenal, a groan burst forth from Coach Hargraeves, and he said, “We have ONE RULE at training sessions.  NO CHELSEA OR ARSENAL JERSEYS!”

SN: “So, who’s your team, coach?”

AH: “They’re in the Championship.  Blackburn Rovers.”

SN: “Who are your favorite players, guys?”

EE: “POGBA!”  “Messi.  GOAT.” “David Beckham!”

SN:  “Let’s settle the eternal debate.  Messi or Ronaldo?”

The debate was not settled. Shouts of “MESSI!!” and “RONALDO!” were equally and loudly multiplied.

Congratulations on your success, Express!  Enjoy the photos from your championship game:

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