SD Loyal’s Elijah Martin Takes Over the Rocket League Controller for USL eCup

SD Loyal’s Elijah Martin Takes Over the Rocket League Controller for USL eCup

It’s Match Day! Tune in on ESPN 3 TONIGHT (Tues, April 7th) at 5pm Pacific

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I just got off the phone with SD Loyal’s own, Elijah Martin. He will be taking over the Rocket League controllers for SD Loyal for game 2 of the Group Round stage. We talked all about the eCup and his plans for today’s match:

SN: So, I heard you’re a big gamer. Are you a serious Rocket League player?
EM: Ha, yeah, I’m a gamer for sure. Rocket League isn’t one of my top games, to be honest, though. I’m not too serious about it.

SN: What games are you serious about?
EM: FIFA. For sure. And Call of Duty. Black Ops, Overwatch. I also really like Kingdom Hearts.

SN: Have you been practicing 1v1 Rocket League?
EM: For sure. I’ve been practicing 1v1 with Andrew [Vassiliadis]. He’s better than me, honestly, but I’ve been getting better.

SN: If Andrew is better then you, what do you bring to the table today?
EM: CONFIDENCE. Confidence is key. I think I can take it to em today.

SN: Bold. I like it! What’s your strategy on a kickoff? The ESPN commentators have said sometimes it’s better to sit back and defend on a kickoff.
EM: Yeah, I’m not going to do that. I don’t sit back. I’m going to take it to him right at the kick off. I’m going to give him a hard time and not take it easy. We’ll see how it works out. It’s all fun stuff. We aren’t professional gamers. It’s fun, for sure, but I want to focus on the real reason we’re doing this.

SN: Awesome. Talk a little about that.
EM: I hope everyone who watches the match today also donates to Feeding San Diego. It’s so important right now. So many people are hurting. And we have the chance to help this organization and to help people who really need it.

You heard the man, San Diego Loyal fans! DONATE TO FEEDING SAN DIEGO!

And tune in to watch Elijah Martin take on some guy from the east coast tonight on ESPN3.