PUMA ONE – More Than Football

PUMA ONE – More Than Football

Puma did it again. The brand just revealed the Puma ONE football boot, which combines the favorite features of traditional cleats with a modern look and enhanced technology. Puma football is shifting. The brand recognizes how powerful the football culture truly is. The passion on and off the pitch impacts the fans, the players and the world. Football culture = football. The Puma ONE style represents this understanding.

Antoine Griezmann steps up as one of the key ambassadors for the new line and sports the new gear in a trendy and edgy demeanor.

Puma delivers a football boot that excels in FIT, FAST and FEEL.

FIT comes from the engineered evoKNITsock, FAST is provided by our ultra lightweight Pebaxoutsole, whilst FEEL is enhanced by the super soft leather that adorns the upper.


We are excited to see  what’s in store for Puma’s most recent launch. Whether or not you are a big Puma fan, this silo is built on fundamentals all of us “soccer people” can agree with, at least this ONE thing – It is not only about the 90’s minutes on a football pitch, but rather the culture and lifestyle every single day.

The Puma One can be found at soccerloco.com now.