MLS Homegrowns Team defeated in PKs by Club America

MLS Homegrowns Team defeated in PKs by Club America

SAN DIEGO – California native soccer star Landon Donovan had a nearly perfect PK record, but unfortunately as a coach he wasn’t able to help his players.

The game happened on Tuesday, a day before the MLS All-Star game, as the MLS Homegrown Team led by Donovan took on U-20 Club America. This was the second game that the Mexican team won in this MLS All-Star Week. The game ended 1-1 in regular time and went to PKs which Club America won by 6-5.

Tommy Thompson, another California homegrown player from San Jose Earthqueakes and also part of U-20 Men’s National Team, scored the first goal in the history of the event in the first half, but unfortunately their efforts stopped there.

In the 67th minute, Tyler Turner pushed Fernando Gonzales inside the box, and teammate Sergio Rodriguez  shot the PK and scored Club America’s first goal.

The Mexican club almost scored again before at the end of the second half, but goalkeeper Matt Lampson touched the ball just enough to hit the post. Just 2 minutes before the end of game Club America had another dangerous shot from Victor Rodriguez that went just a little too wide.

Club America dominated the game for most of the second half, having many real scoring opportunities, but they were not able to capitalize on them.

As far as the penalty shootouts, the only player that missed it was MLS Homegrown Jackson-Hamel who shot too high, ending the game 6-5 to Club America.

Coach Donavon was satisfied with his team’s performance and really enjoyed the experience of coaching for the first time.

[quote_box_center]“We just played a very, very good Club América team. Those kids have been together for six or seven years, and we have players that are at least at their level,” he said. “That didn’t happen 10 years ago. When I came into the league there wasn’t players like that, so that’s a good sign. Now it’s incumbent on all these guys to keep pushing and making their way to the first team, and playing regularly and it’s really exciting. I think the future looks fantastic.”[/quote_box_center]