Longest. Offseason. Ever. And that may be a good thing.

Longest. Offseason. Ever. And that may be a good thing.

Every day, it seems, another NCAA conference announces no Fall sports.

32 NCAA Division I conferences. 17 have cancelled Fall sports, as of now.

Current NCAA guidelines state:

If 50% or more of eligible teams in a particular sport in a division cancel their fall seasons, there will be no fall NCAA championship in that sport in that division.

Over half of NCAA Division I conferences (17 out of 32) have cancelled Fall seasons. The march towards 50% was unstoppable.

A Fall 2020 college soccer season won’t happen. A move to Spring seems most likely. Cross-town scrimmages during Fall and Winter may be possible later in the year, like a typical Spring Soccer season. Teams will have to wait to see if games and scrimmages will be allowed in the coming months.

What are college soccer teams doing? The grind doesn’t stop.

Teams are still training. Athletes are still working hard. Most teams are on campus, treating Fall like any other off season:

Making Lemonade

Some coaches, like Cal Baptist University’s men’s soccer head coach, are looking forward to a longer pre-season. Normally, college soccer teams only have a few short weeks to prepare for the Fall season. Coach Coe Michaelson is looking at the bright side of the postponement:

Gonzaga, as well, is looking forward to the return of college soccer:

While we all wait for soccer to return: stay healthy, stay fit, stay safe. And we’ll see you on the balling out on the field soon!