Keeping Coaches in the Game: 5 Ways to Avoid Coaching Burnout

Keeping Coaches in the Game: 5 Ways to Avoid Coaching Burnout


  1. Know that it’s okay to take time for yourself.


In the coaching world there is always another email to send, a kid to recruit, a session to plan: the cycle becomes endless. As a coach you must know and not feel guilty about taking a day off from all your work to spend time on yourself. This coaching gig can be a 7 day a week job, with the hamster wheel hard to stop, if you don’t give yourself permission once a week to have  a “Me” day, the burnout will creep in.


  1. Set boundaries


Let people know the hours you are available for calls, texts, emails, otherwise if you answer that text at 11:00pm, people will continue to call, text and email at all hours and expect an immediate response. Set office hours for yourself and stick to them. Resist the temptation to be available all the time. Normal careers have business hours, coaching should as well.


  1. Find a mentor who has “been there done that”


Identify a mentor who you can vent to, learn from and who can help keep you sane. It is important when you are feeling stressed to be able to commiserate with someone who knows what you are feeling. If you can talk through some stressors, and get guidance from time to time it helps you to reset your brain, realizing that you are not the only one experiencing whatever you are feeling.


  1. Take continuing education courses out of town


Increasing your education in a new environment expands your horizons and increases your network. It also can serve as a fresher environment, feeling like a little vacation from your daily grind. Whenever I have done coaching education I purposely chose to go out of town and tried to add a travel day at the end of it as a “mini “vacation.


  1. Take up a hobby not related to soccer


Sounds kind of lame, but recently I put my energy into a sport (duathlons)  for fun that has no resemblance to soccer/football. It is refreshing to be around competitive people, but in a new vibrant way. It has been challenging for me to learn a new sport but also has been a great stress reliever. My passion is soccer but finding a healthy balance in new interests has made me a happier person in my daily job.