Escondido FC Heat End of the Year Awards

Escondido FC Heat End of the Year Awards

The Escondido FC Heat held their End of Season party last month. After 4 days of rainy weather, the skies cleared just in time for their celebration. “It was a huge success,” said Steve Yorke, Director of Coaching for the FC Heat. Hundreds of families showed up at Ryan Park for music, food and drinks. In addition to the award ceremony, the kids enjoyed scrimmage games against the coaches.

The highlight of the night came when they were presenting their season awards to the coaches, volunteers and players who represent FC Heat on and off the field. “This was a day where we were able to celebrate our success together, join in the fun and camaraderie, and absorb the smiles and laughter of our children,” said Yorke.

The Awards List

Manager of the Year – Kristin Fox
Volunteer of the Year – Tracy Wright
Board Member of the Year – Jessica Escobedo
Coach of the Year – Coach Bryan Wilkes

In addition to the awards mentioned previously, a special award was presented to Coach Jose Valle. Coach Valle shows dedication to the youth of the FC Heat soccer club and the board members felt the need to acknowledge his service. A special Cornerstone Award was presented to him with a card that read, in part, as follows:

“The cornerstone of any building is by far the strongest point. A building is built from the ground up with deep and strong foundations to uphold the test of time.The Cornerstone Award uses this as a mission statement in the lives of our children. All of our children, young or old, benefit from the lessons taught by the recipient of this award.”

Congratulations to all the award recipients especially Coach Valle! For more information on the Escondido FC Heat, please visit their Facebook page.