Surf Soccer Club Sends Seniors off in Style


Surf Soccer Club Sends Seniors off in Style

High school athletes in America love "Senior Day." It is a cherished tradition. For soccer players who have chosen to play in the Development Academy

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High school athletes in America love “Senior Day.” It is a cherished tradition. For soccer players who have chosen to play in the Development Academy, however, “Senior Day” is one item in the long list of sacrifices made to purse the highest levels of their sport. The “High School vs DA” debate marches on, and Surf fields very strong USSDA teams. As a club, San Diego Surf decided to work hard to celebrate their DA and non-DA seniors.

Drew Brees Inspires Surf Seniors

Super Bowl champion and legendary NFL quarterback, Drew Brees, attended Surf Soccer Club’s Senior Day celebrations on May 16, 2019. Surf Soccer Club organized the day as a club-wide celebration as well as a fun-filled send off for all of the Surf seniors. Seventy-eight college- and military-bound seniors listened to Brees give an inspirational speech. Brees spoke of the importance of integrity, and learning from your coaches and mentors. He explained how sports teach wonderful life lessons about chasing dreams, sometimes falling short, being challenged, and pursuing greatness in all areas of life.

Big Cheers from Little Players

After Brees gave his speech, the seniors became the stars of the show. Each Surf senior ran through a high-five line full of younger Surf players who celebrated their older role models. At the end of the run, Brees was there to meet each senior. Brees posed for pictures with each senior and wished them success. Smiles were huge. Spirits were high. Parents beamed as their children got to speak with a legendary sports hero.


Meeting Drew Brees was certainly a highlight of the afternoon. The SWAG that came next gave the NFL legend tough competition for the best highlight of the day. Surf and Nike partnered together to send the Surf Class of 2019 off to their next adventures in style. Each senior got a Nike carry-on suitcase for their travels. Additionally, every player was gifted a Nike Air Jordan jacket. Surf customized the jackets specifically for the 2019 Surf Alumni.

BBQ Time

After the Senior celebrations, the club gathered together and enjoyed a huge BBQ. Surf coaches and staff served the families as everyone filed through, filling their plates with burgers and hot dogs. Friends, teammates, and parents filled their bellies, smiling and laughing their way through a wonderful meal.

Surf vs Albion

Of course, there was soccer. As the sun dipped lower in the sky, Surf kicked off against Albion in a home-town DA rivalry game. Surf came out on top of the close game, winning 1-0.

Congratulations, seniors! Everyone at SoccerNation wishes the class of 2019 the best in their future endeavors!