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College Search Tools for Soccer Prospects

At their semi-annual College Night on March 9th, RSF Attack soccer unveiled powerful college soccer recruiting tools that are raising the bar for what

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At their semi-annual College Night on March 9th, RSF Attack soccer unveiled powerful college soccer recruiting tools that are raising the bar for what competitive clubs provide for their families. Believing in the proverbial sentiment that “a rising tide raises all boats,” Attack has made these tools public so that soccer families everywhere can take advantage and use them to aid in their recruiting journeys.

The first tool is a map of every four-year college soccer program in the nation. The men’s college soccer map can be found HERE, and the women’s college soccer map can be found HERE. The sidebar of the map includes on/off switches for every division (NCAA D1, D2, D3, and NAIA). Families can easily zoom in and out on a particular area of the country and see the soccer teams that are there. There is also a search bar at the top if a viewer wants to quickly find a specific school or all of the schools in a particular conference. However, you can also use these alternatives if you’re searching for a school online.

Each soccer program has a pin, and when the pin is clicked, the sidebar changes to information about that specific school. The sidebar includes a wealth of athletic and academic information to help families decide if a particular school is a good “fit.” Viewers can easily see the team’s soccer conference, the soccer team’s national power ranking from Massey Rankings, and last season’s record. When searching for a college, academic and financial “fits” can be just as important as athletics, so the map also includes tuition, average scholarships, admissions acceptance rate, and SAT scores of admitted students.

Deciding which schools are a good “fit” is a challenge that every athlete has to face individually. Many factors are involved in choosing a college soccer program — athletics, academics, location, finances, and sometimes religion as well. To help athletes, their families, and their club coaches have a clear view of an athlete’s soccer future, RSF Attack created THIS COLLEGE SOCCER FIT ANALYSIS.


An athlete can fill out the form, which will take him/her through a series of questions about their college goals. Once the form is done, the results are emailed as a PDF document to the athlete (and the club coach, if an email address is provided), and the family can use the results to decide if a certain college soccer program “fits” within the desires and goals stated in the fit analysis.

As the player progresses through high school, goals and desires will change, so filling out the form at least once a year is recommended so that the athlete and the coaches can use the results to narrow down college choices.

For families that feel they need more guidance and assistance in the college recruiting process, iSoccerPath can also help. Families that have chosen a “DIY” approach to college searches and recruiting should definitely take advantage of the tools above to help in the college recruiting journey.