A New Affordable Tool for College Recruiting: Productive Recruit

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A New Affordable Tool for College Recruiting: Productive Recruit

Announcing Productive Recruit Former San Diego Surf, Torrey Pines High School, and University of Michigan soccer player Colin McAtee announced the

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Announcing Productive Recruit

Former San Diego Surf, Torrey Pines High School, and University of Michigan soccer player Colin McAtee announced the launch of his new college recruiting platform Productive Recruit today.

Productive Recruit will give athletes a complete recruiting workflow optimized to help them reach more college coaches and get recruited faster.

Some notable benefits of the platform:

  • Find college coaches in seconds
  • Effortlessly track every touchpoint with college coaches and see when coaches open an email
  • Stay on top of your recruiting process with a built in inbox
  • Create a beautiful online profile that you can share with coaches, or download as a PDF

Pricing information

There are currently two pricing options for individuals:

1) Pay a $199 one time fee (currently $149 until July 31), or
2) Subscribe and pay $29 month to month

Video Demo:

SoccerNation is dedicated to helping soccer families navigate the crazy and confusing soccer world. From finding a recreational program, to navigating college recruiting, the process can be overwhelming for families.

Productive Recruit looks to be a helpful tool for families who have the goal of college soccer, so we reached out to Collin to learn more about it for SoccerNation families.

A chat with Collin

SN: How will this help families who have the goal of college soccer but feel overwhelmed?
PR: Productive Recruit gives families a much easier way to organize and streamline all recruiting process communications in one place. One of the most difficult parts of the recruiting process is the amount of time and effort it takes to find coach contact information and keep track of email communication, but Productive Recruit makes it easy.

SN: How does this compare to services like College Fit Finder and Scouting Zone?
PR: Scouting Zone, College Fit Finder, and Productive Recruit are all completely different platforms, so it’s a like comparing apples to oranges. Scouting Zone focuses heavily on in-person recruiting events, and College Fit Finder is a research tool to learn more about prospective colleges.

PR: On the other hand, Productive Recruit is a communication tool allowing athletes to track emails, complete tasks, find college coaches, and more. I am a big believer in the recruiting process being very similar to a job application process. Athletes need to reach out to as many colleges as they can (for schools where that are a good fit) to give themselves the best opportunity to get recruited. The key is doing so in a personalized manner, and following up consistently.

PR: Sending mass messages from NCSA, Sports Recruits, or similar platforms is a turn off to college coaches. Coaches want to hear from the athlete personally, which is why Productive Recruit provides athletes their own personal recruiting email address. Productive Recruit does not allow athletes to send mass emails to multiple colleges at once. Emails sent from Productive Recruit are plain text emails from the athlete — as if sent from their personal gmail, and contain no additional images or promotional materials linking to Productive Recruit.

PR: Following up with coaches is equally as, and probably more, important than initial outreach. Coaches are busy and may forget to read or reply to your emails. Additionally, if it is before June 15 of your junior year, coaches cannot send you emails directly.

PR: Treat your recruiting process like a journey and share it with the coaches. When you have an important update like an improved GPA or SAT score, share it! Knowing when to follow up is much easier with Productive Recruit. Your whole conversation history with each college will be visualized, making it easy to see all your conversations with each coach in one place.

Recruiting during a Pandemic

SN:Any specific ways this can help kids in today’s landscape of NO practices, NO games, NO tournaments?
PR: With limited in person touch-points, effective e-communication with college coaches is more important than ever. Productive Recruit gives athletes the tools they need to keep track of all their communication with college coaches in one place. Coaches are sitting at home with their email inboxes open, waiting for recruits to contact them. Productive Recruit makes it effortless to send personal emails to college coaches at scale.

SN: Is Productive Recruit available for clubs, high schools, and other recruiting businesses?
PR: Yes, I am working hard on our partner platform which will allow organizations like soccer clubs to provide accounts to their players, with additional features like tracking player activity and organizing team brochures for showcases/events. I am planning on launching this in July but partners can begin to apply by submitting this form.

Ready to get started? Sign up before July 31 to get 25% off at productiverecruit.com

Contact information

Have any questions? Please reach out to Collin via email or on Twitter.

How do I sign up?

Click here to sign up at 25% off.