Tuesday Tunes aka Tunesday – January 19, 2016

Tuesday Tunes aka Tunesday – January 19, 2016

The Tuesday Tunes hiatus is over! This week’s collection of songs comes with some inspiration from some of  the festival set lists that have recently been released.  Last week, the line up for Governor’s Ball in New York City was released, and needless to say one of the biggest names in music, in life, is headlining. Kanye West! I know controversy comes with the name, but one cannot deny that some of his tracks are instant mood changers.  Some of his tracks are the perfect addition to a couple hours of the beautiful game.  I have started this week with ‘Dark Fantasy,’ off his fifth studio album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” The playlist continues with some legends like Gorillaz, Vampire Weekend (remixed by Chromeo), and one of my personal favorites, Two Door Cinema Club. This week ends with a little framework, closing with another Kanye West Song off his “Graduation” album. ‘Homecoming’, arguably one of the catchiest songs in hip hop, the chorus is sung by Chris Martin from Coldplay.  It’s all the makings of a perfect song, and a perfect song to play soccer to.  Please enjoy this week, and stay tuned!