Fullerton Rangers Travel to UEFA European Championships 2016

Fullerton Rangers Travel to UEFA European Championships 2016

The Fullerton Rangers are planning a great opportunity for their players to play in a great tournament and watch top flight soccer at next years UEFA European Championships. They have prepared a very intriguing trip to spend time in the south of France to experience this great tournament in its host country as well as having the opportunity to see nearby sights.

Beyond just being a great vacation, the St. Tropez Cup provides a high level tournament for the young players to compete in and test themselves against the international competition which comes from all over for this tournament.

Prices start at $1,250 with great fundraising options.

The trip will include day trips to Monaco and North Italy as well as viewing parties for the Euro Cup games and a place to stay in the Gulf de Tropez, one of the nicest locations in the whole world. Other benefits are also included.

A truly great opportunity for the young soccer players to witness an iconic tournament in the Euro Cup, which only occurs once every four years and features the world’s premier talent.