Footgolf Makes its San Diego Debut

Footgolf Makes its San Diego Debut

Footgolf is the new phenomenon that recently made its way to San Diego. Combining soccer and golf, footgolf is easy to learn, fun to play and affordable for the family. Whether you wish to bring your family and friends out for an eventful afternoon or wish to provide your players with the practice to weight their passes and perfect their accuracy, footgolf is the sport for the job.


Provide your child with the necessary environment to perfect his skills and technique.

Similar to golf, the sport requires great technical skill and an extensive amount of practice. A typical footgolf course is 9 or 18 holes, and is integrated with regular golf course layouts. The hole is anywhere from 60 to 200 yards away from the kick off tee and is located in the rough or on the side of the fairway.

With over 300 footgolf courses across the country today, the sport has erupted as soccer has been on the rise in the United States. Footgolf originated in Europe
10 years ago, and began to be played in the United States back in 2011. With the United States FootGolf Association putting forth an effort to grow the sport, footgolf will continue to gain popularity in San Diego and will provide further business ventures among golf courses in California.

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Footgolf is fun for all ages and provides a great bonding experience.

Today, there are currently 3 courses in San Diego County. These include Rancho Carlsbad Golf Club, Tecolote Canyon and National City Golf Course. The pricing ranges from $10-20, depending on the day of the week and time of day.

The next Footgolf tournament will be on June 13th at the National City Golf Course.

For further information about the sport refer to Footgolf San Diego for upcoming events and tournaments that will be taking place.

FootGolf on FOX 5 from Jason Hendrick on Vimeo.