Alumni Corner: Meet SD Loyal’s Jake Fenlason

Alumni Corner: Meet SD Loyal’s Jake Fenlason

We’ve arrived at our next Alumni Corner!

Before we start off our next Alumni feature, huge thanks to our inaugural alum, Leslie Osborne! Thank you, Leslie! You can read all about her journey HERE.

Meet Jake Fenlason, Goalkeeper at San Diego Loyal SC

Our next Alumni Corner feature is a San Diego native. He went to Rancho Bernardo High School (Go Broncos!) and grew up on the soccer fields of San Diego.

Over the next four weeks, you’re going to learn all about Jake’s story. From growing up playing local youth soccer, to professional soccer, and everything in between.

Stay tuned, because his story is a good one!

In Week 1, we’ll talk about Jake’s youth years in San Diego. Where did he play? What was family life like? Who were his coaches? Find out next week…

Week 2 will be all about Jake’s high school and recruiting years. Jake always knew he would play college soccer at a high level. The offers, though, weren’t pouring in. He was patient and determined. Week 2 will be must-read info for soccer families with college soccer goals!

When Week 3 rolls around, we’ll hit “Peak Soccer” for Jake. As a goalkeeper on SD Loyal’s roster, Jake is still in the midst of his “Peak Soccer” years. What was college soccer like? What’s it like to play in his home town? Find out in Week 3.

When we wrap up Jake’s story, Week 4 will be all about the character traits that have seen Jake through his journey so far. Jake is 100% class. His demeanor and work ethic have been as big a part of his success as his raw talent. We will break it all down in Week 4, which will be another must-read week for parents of youth athletes!

Jake’s story: starting next week!