Albion Pros Partner with Rehab United

Albion Pros Partner with Rehab United

Albion Pros and San Diego based Rehab United have officially announced their partnership for the 2016 National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) season. Rehab United has been the preferred injury rehabilitation destination for the Albion SC youth club since Executive Director Noah Gins joined the club in 1998. Now, the partnership has expanded to include the Pros and will include an even more services. Rehab United, one of the leading physical therapy centers in San Diego, also offers expertise in athlete performance and wellness.

In 2016, Rehab United will provide professional trainers at every game and sports science experts at training sessions to help Albion Pros players reach their peak fitness. In addition to helping the professional players reach optimum fitness and injury prevention, they will be offered wellness and nutrition advice to use off the field. Finally, Rehab United will be at Albion Pros practices giving guidance to coaches on the focal points of the strength and speed building (explosiveness, endurance, flexibility, etc). Fans will also have access to Rehab United through the use of discount codes.

Rehab United founder, owner Bryan Hill stated, [quote_box_center]“We’re really excited to help raise the level of soccer in San Diego through our partnership with Albion Pros. Now, they have professional medical trainers who can also help them become the greatest athletes immediately. We think they will benefit greatly from our professional experience on and off the field.”[/quote_box_center] Albion Pros continues to make strides in establishing the club as a structured organization in the community. Partnering with local experts like Rehab United strengthen their ties to the community. Furthermore, Albion Pros continues to promote healthy life choices and the benefits of experts like Rehab United. As the partnership matures, young soccer players will learn the benefits of proper nutrition, basic injury prevention and fitness building.

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This is a great partnership between the two San Diego based companies. Both share an ambition to bring high quality soccer back to San Diego. This can only help the next generation of soccer players in San Diego.

If you want to learn more about Rehab United, the services they offer, locations or a preliminary health screening visit their website:



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    WOW!! Sounds like a great partnership between Rehab United and Albion Pros. Rehab United has awesome, quality,and professional athletic trainers. As a past client, I can say without a doubt, they truly care about being the most up to date, as well as caring professionals. Albion Pros will enjoy these qualities on and off the field with their players. Oh, Did I mention Rehab United has massage services too! Perfect after a tough game of soccer!
    This will be a great partnership!!

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