Want to Try-Out for PSV Union FC?

Want to Try-Out for PSV Union FC?

The PSV Union FC soccer club prides themselves on player development. They constantly have teams practicing and playing year round. Currently, while its the offseason, they are inviting interested players out to their practices for a chance to get evaluated and signed if you are interested in joining this player development oriented club, e-mail manager@psvunion.org.

You may be a trialist or training player if you meet these requirements:

  • Players are healthy with no injuries or illness preventing them from full participation
  • Players are scheduled to play a game the day of a game (on their existing team)
  • Players/Family has advised their current team coach and manager that they intend to tryout.
  • Player is unsigned or not committed to an existing team.
  • Player has ceased to play or train with their existing team
  • Player has established a training regimen with PSV subject to the approval of PSV and existing team