The Nature of Football: A Local Artist’s Homage to The Beautiful Game

The Nature of Football: A Local Artist’s Homage to The Beautiful Game

If you follow soccerloco on Instagram, you got to experience “The Nature of Football” on an interactive level. If you want to see local artist Alan Ferguson’s soccer themed exhibit in person, thankfully there is still time.

“The Nature of Football” will be displayed at The Coffee and Tea Collective on El Cajon Boulevard in North Park through the end of the World Cup. A colorful artistic collection of cleats, lifestyle kits, custom graphics, and ample 90s nostalgia, “The Nature of Football” is a must see for any soccer fan.

(Part of the cleat collection displayed at “The Nature of Football” exhibit, mixing footwear history with current designs available at

“The intersections of art and football are everywhere,” said Ferguson, who moved to San Diego from Mexico City as a young child and worked his first job at soccerloco. “To me football is full of aesthetics that to some come as an afterthought. But as an artist and a graphic designer, these aesthetics are the first things I notice.”

“The design of the uniforms, the balls, and most importantly from my view, the footwear… these things serve as ways for football to express itself thru art,” Ferguson says. “They provide teams with a sense of belonging, a color or crest to love or hate. I find it fascinating that all of these things were designed by someone, or by a group of people, with so much thought and strategy put into it all. These are the things I wanted to explore with this exhibit, and for years to come. It’s the color of the game we all love. It’s beautiful.”

(The Coffee and Tea Collective is located at 2911 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104)

(Follow Alan Ferguson’s latest projects on Instagram at @parkowlsfc and @pinkpantherproject)