Street Soccer in San Diego

Street Soccer in San Diego

Written by Keith Miller

All over the world soccer players, young and old, gather in open spaces to play their favorite sport. Vacant lots, open parks, parking structures, back alleys or basketball courts. These are the places where the true form of the game is found, where love and passion for the sport grows and finally, where TRUE development happens.

Close your eyes for a second and picture this: a group of players gathering in the early evening in a space not designed for cleats, big goals and 22 players. It has some light, dim light, but plenty in order to play 4v4 on a tight pitch. There may be 2 or 3 balls bouncing around at the same time, no coaches yelling instruction at the players and all you hear are the yells of frustration and enjoyment and the laughter of players who are getting to express themselves the way they want with the ball.  The scene is almost chaotic, but amidst all the chaos, these 8, 11 and 14-year-old players have found a way to organize themselves, balance teams and play the simplest game in the world.

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Now open your eyes. You just pictured the scene at Serra High School on Tuesday nights for CK Street Soccer.  We know what it means to really love and have a passion for it.  We want to help share that with players who’s every experience they have with soccer is an organized practice or game.  We provide the players with everything they need to just play.

The reason we take the time to do all this is to show these players that self-expression in this game is not dead. Here in America, the game is very structured and we want to compliment that with the primitive side of the game. The teams we play on are focused on wins and the clubs we play for are focused on prestige. CK Soccer flips that around and focuses on the player and the culture. We want players to know what it means to be a true footballer, wanting to get that last meg before dinner and scoring that “next goal wins”. That’s when passion grows and true development happens.



Coach Keith is the founder of CK Soccer Academy. Residing in San Diego, California, he is located in the heart of Southern California youth soccer. He played college Soccer at SDSU, professionally with San Diego Flash, holds a USSF “B” coaching license and has coached in the US Development Academy team at Albion SC in San Diego.