Neymar Jr.’s New “Written In The Stars” Signature Edition Mercurials Tell a Story

Neymar Jr.’s New “Written In The Stars” Signature Edition Mercurials Tell a Story

Since debuting on a professional pitch for the first time in 2009, Neymar Jr. has since become a world star and role model for everyone who loves to play The Beautiful Game.

It’s only fitting then that Nike has honored the player with the first pair of Neymar Jr. Signature Edition Mercurial Vapor cleats. The “Written In The Stars” cleats are symbolic of the journey from a young player with stars in his eyes to become one of the best in the world.

Brasil’s flag seems to radiate from the layers of color that make these boots stand out on the field. The upper layer features a Southern Cross constellation design as well as allusions to Neymar’s history on the pitch.

There is a reference to his first goal playing for the Brasil national team (against USA on August 10th 2010), as well as the mention of Maracana Stadium where Brasil dominated in the last world cup. Five stars also appear on the boot – another reference to his home country and these stars can also be seen on the Brasil National Team kits.

But the customization doesn’t stop there. There are little shout-outs to his family embedded in the design as well, including the date of his little sister, Rafaella’s birth and the birthdate of Neymar Jr.’s son, David Luca.

Neymar Jr.’s top speed, 34.7 KM/H is also displayed on the boot, but that’s probably more for showing off his quickness. The dates of important club goals are hidden in the constellations, and the lines connecting them also mimic the path of those goals’ shots. Clever!

Scattered throughout the entire design, you’ll find even more important dates that hold some significance with Neymar Jr., including his 100th career goal, along with other goals that were game-changers.

The signature “Written In The Stars” line launched on July 29th and is a testament to the amazing career of one of the best players of all time.

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