Legends FC 02 Gold Region IV Champions!

Legends FC 02 Gold Region IV Champions!

Good Luck and Safe Travel to our Legends FC Girls Teams heading out to Boise Idaho. Legends FC of Southern California will be presented by the following teams:

Legends FC G97 (Semi-Finalist)

Legends FC G98

Legends FC G00 GOLD (Region IV Champions)

Legends FC G02 (Finalist)

Good Luck To All Our Legends FC and Coaches!

What are Region IV Championships?

The US Youth Soccer Region IV Championships, which will feature top teams in the Under-12 through Under-19 age groups, kickoff Monday, June 22, with games running from through Sunday, June 28. State champions, Far West Regional League champions and select wild cards from the 14 western states will compete to be crowned the Region IV Champion and advance to the National Championships. (Information from US Youth Soccer Website)