LA Galaxy San Diego to Become City SC Carlsbad in 2020

LA Galaxy San Diego to Become City SC Carlsbad in 2020

December 5, 2019: LA Galaxy San Diego announced to their club family their identity

Michael Duggan, Director of Soccer Operations

At Aviara Park in Carlsbad, the leadership of LA Galaxy San Diego gathered their club coaches, players, and families for a family dinner. Pizza was served as hundreds waited for the big announcement from Michael Duggan, Director of Soccer Operations.

It was already known that LA Galaxy San Diego, the biggest youth soccer club in San Diego, was going to shed their LA Galaxy name and affiliation with the MLS club from Carson.

The club’s new name, logo, and identity was announced to the hundreds of people on hand:

City SC

A short video was shown, and City SC was born

Beginning in 2020

Michael Duggan told me that the club will finish out their current DA (Development Academy) seasons, competitive USYS, and recreational seasons as LA Galaxy San Diego. Beginning in 2020, the club’s teams will all be playing under the new name CITY SC CARLSBAD.

Duggan told me, “We are hoping to have everyone outfitted in their new uniforms by May 2020. Soccerloco has been a great partner in this. I know they’ll do a great job getting our players all looking great.”

Leadership representatives from Adidas, City SC, and Soccerloco

DA, USYS, and Rec Will Remain the Same

2009 Girls DA

The club’s 4,000+ players will remain in their current leagues and continue next season. The top City SC teams will play in the Girls DA and the Boys DA. More teams will also play in the NPL, DPL, USYS, as well as the recreational system that has become a mainstay for the city of Carlsbad.

(another) New name, same vision

San Diego’s largest youth soccer club has undergone quite a few name changes over the years. Duggan explained, “We began a long time ago as Carlsbad Lightning, and that club was great. Before that, even, it was Leucadia Lightning. There was another local club, Carlsbad Wave. Wave was run by folks with very similar visions and philosophies. It made sense to merge with Wave. When we came together, six years ago, we became Carlsbad United. As Carlsbad United, the club was very successful. Then LA Galaxy came knocking. They wanted a footprint in San Diego. We loved the pathway to the MLS that they were offering. The pros outweighed the cons at the time. So we because LA Galaxy San Diego.

Unanimous Decision

Duggan continued, “Over the years as an MLS affiliate, we realized that we were eventually going to leave and go our own way. Then, LA Galaxy also decided to bring all of their clubs ‘back home’ and end their satellite affiliate programs. The timing worked out well, since we were already on the path to becoming our own club anyway. We just sped up the process a little. It’s working out well for everyone, and all of the coaches here are so excited. This feels right, and our coaches were unanimous in wanting to become our own club, free from the affiliation with Galaxy. This way, too, we can explore even more options and pathways for our players, especially our girls. The next few years are going to be very exciting.”

At the City SC launch, kids and parents excitedly scooped up T-shirts and car stickers. Everyone seemed positive and and very happy with their club’s new identity. A photo wall was set up for everyone to show off their new swag. Teams enjoyed spending time together away from the soccer field, and parents happy chatted with each other.

Overall, the event was a great success.

From everyone at SoccerNation and Soccerloco, congratulations, City SC! We are looking forward to following along in your journey.


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    Ken May 1 year

    Not a mention of the Leucadia Soccer Club which was the true beginning of Lightning Soccer? Too bad.

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      You’re right! I left that part out of the story. Mike had talked about Leucadia Lightning. I’ll edit the story to add that detail.
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