GUrilla Muscle Rollers are a hit at the soccerloco Surf Cup

GUrilla Muscle Rollers are a hit at the soccerloco Surf Cup

SAN DIEGO- This past weekend at the soccerloco Surf Cup hundreds of youth soccer teams met to compete in one of the top tournaments in the nation; a perfect opportunity to showcase your brand or product to young athletes and coaches alike.  Set up next to our tent was GUrilla Rollers, where I was greeted by Rob de Guzman and Ryan Guy , the co-owners of GUrilla Rollers.

What attracted me to their tent was their cool logo, brightly colored products, and a massage table.  Plus, I was curious about the benefits of a muscle roller.  It turns out, muscle rollers are very effective when stretching out hard to reach muscles, like the outside of your hip and back. Muscle rollers are very important for athletes who are constantly training and have sore muscles.  They allow for the lactic acid in the muscle to break up and ultimately soothe your muscle and tissues for better performance, not to mention it feels amazing.  Rob demonstrated on my calves after being on my feet for a couple hours.

gurilla rollersGUrilla rollers are unique to any other muscle roller, however.  You’ll notice they aren’t made of foam, but wrapped in colorful rope, load bearing polypropylene dual density rope to be exact.  I asked Rob, how GUrilla Rollers came to be.  The story is, Rob was the equipment manager for the Guam National team and he noticed that the team was going through rollers every few months, in turn racking up expenses.  There was a need for a roller that was durable and high-quality.  Rob took matters into his own hands and started creating his own rollers, naturally they were a hit with the team.

GUrilla rollers are all made in San Diego by ex-soccer players, one who played professionally.   Ryan Guy currently plays on the Guam National team and also played on the MLS team, the New England Revs.  Check them out!