Sebastian Giovinco, now best player of MLS?

Sebastian Giovinco, now best player of MLS?

The Toronto FC forward was named Player of the Month due to his incredible performance scoring 7 goals and 6 assists so far, almost breaking a record for most goals by a newcomer to MLS. Some fans are even referring to him as the best player in the league.

Giovinco is the main player helping Toronto FC win matches, and that is what a Designated Player should do. Everybody expects a lot from him after being the highest-paid Italian player in the world, closing a 5-year deal worth more than $7 million

He is playing so well here in MLS that he makes the good defenders look bad, notably when he contirbuted to all 3 goals scored in a 3-1 victory over San Jose Earthquakes, his superiority was evident.

Some fans, however, do not agree that he is the best player of the league. There are other great players who should also be considered, for example Benny Feihaber from Sporting Kansas City (Player of the Month in April), Clint Dempsey from Seattle Sounders with seven goals and six assists, Fabian Castillo the Colombian from FC Dallas who has a very similar style of game compared with Giovinco, and lastly there is also Kaka the Brazilian who was 2007 Ballon d’Or winner from Orlando City.

Giovinco does have some advantage though because of his fitness level coming from the European mid season to MLS. He arrived with a head start compared with the other players from here.

There is a high chance that he will get the MVP award this year, but he still has to prove that he can go through the summer season with the same intensity.