CITY SC’s Michael Duggan on KUSI. It’s time to let the kids play.

CITY SC’s Michael Duggan on KUSI. It’s time to let the kids play.

City SC’s Michael Duggan joined KUSI’s Paul Rudy on KUSI recently to talk about youth sports and COVID-19.

“No community outbreaks have been tied to on-field games.”

It’s time to let kids in California play games — with the proper safeguards. It’s possible. Every state that borders California is allowing youth games to happen safely. As thousands of competitive players journey to Nevada, Utah, and Arizona for games, families and teams are forced to put themselves into situations that pose a greater COVID-19 risk than playing games close to home.

Six-hour-long car or van rides. Hotels. Meals out. Not only are these all expensive, but they are also COVID-19 risks that could be avoided with games closer to home.

And what about the recreational players?

With a legitimate focus on competitive teams traveling out of state in search of college exposure and high-level games, an even larger group of players has been left out. Recreational players have been waiting for months for the opportunity to get outside and play the sports they love with their friends and coaches. Duggan, during his KUSI appearance, noted that recreational players are suffering and are being ignored by state leadership.

Check out the video above, and contact Governor Newsom with THIS LINK.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and we’ll see you on the field hopefully soon!