City SC Opens up New Player Pathway via Partnership with Real Salt Lake and Utah Royals

City SC Opens up New Player Pathway via Partnership with Real Salt Lake and Utah Royals

City SC Carlsbad has announced a new partnership. After months of planning, Real Salt Lake of the MLS and the Utah Royals of the NWSL have named City SC as their club affiliate in Southern California.

SoccerNation spoke with City SC Director, Michael Duggan, about what this means for City SC players and families.

“This is HUGE,” explained Duggan. “Our players now have a full professional pathway. The boys AND the girls.”

New Utah Training Facility

Duggan continued, “RSL has spent millions on their new training facility in Utah. I got to visit there. It took my breath away. I have seen training facilities all over the world, mind you. This facility in Utah is better than every facility I have seen, except maybe Manchester City’s in England.”

The only full-time residency program for a professional women’s team

“The Royals,” Duggan explained excitedly, “are going to train there, too. Soon, the Monarchs will be in residency there at the Utah facility. They will be THE ONLY full-time women’s professional residency club in the United States. That’s huge. No other club has it. And our top players here at City SC will have that pathway available to them.”

“Players who are identified through our partnership will be able to have trials and training sessions at the Utah facility. Nothing like it exists in California. There isn’t even a professional women’s team here.”

“We have one of our players training at RSL now”

“Our boys will benefit, as well,” Duggan said. “We have one of our players training at RSL now, in residency. He will probably be signed eventually, because he’s doing so well. And we have another player who will likely go on a trial to see if it’s a good fit for him.”

First signing from City SC to RSL Academy Axel Kei with RSL Owner Dell Loy Hansen and Academy Director Tom Spall

You can see what it means to Axel to be given this opportunity as he states:

“It means a lot to me to go to Real Salt Lake Academy. They give kids a chance to be pro at a young age and you can’t ask for anything better than this. The facilities, the school right there, the coaches are always there to help you and you can talk to them about anything. Im blessed by God to be a part of that family and I will give everything I have.

“This partnership opens up doors that never existed for top boys and girls players in Southern California,” Duggan concluded. “RSL is pouring a lot of money, time, and effort into this partnership. They recognize the level of talent we have here. We are very excited to open up this opportunity to our families.”