Brazilian Roots, Local Flair – Corinthians USA

Brazilian Roots, Local Flair – Corinthians USA

The Brazilian soccer team S.C. Corinthians Paulista (“Corinthians”) started from humble roots in Sao Paulo, Brazil after five railway workers from the neighborhood Bom Retiro were inspired to start a soccer team for the labor class. Back in 1910, when Corinthians was founded, soccer was a sport played by the wealthy higher-class society. Corinthians Paulista decided it should be a sport for everyone as well, so they worked with the local community to create something they could be proud of. Since those humble beginnings, Corinthians Paulista has gone on to be one of the most successful clubs in the world, especially in soccerloco Brazil.


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Having already gained experience in personal business, President Josias Baptista provides the guiding light for Corinthians USA. He felt it was time to leverage the massive fan base, the Corinthians brand equity and local talent into a professional team in the United States. Corinthians USA, based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, aspire to follow the same model that their Brazilian counterparts achieved over a century ago in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL). Club Representative Jose Nilo recently stated, “We hope to build a local fan base that bring passion and loyalty. We will do that by going out into the community and speaking face-to-face at local city meetings, interacting at local networking events, and just trying to reach the whole soccer community.” By doing this, Corinthians leadership group believes it will lead to attracting corporate sponsors that are willing to (literally) buy into the vision of creating a community that is passionate about soccer in Southern California. Brazilian big brother Corinthians Paulista has already proven that great things can arise from an ambitious vision and a commitment to proving it on the soccer field.

Corinthians USA also wants to show that they are serious about bringing high quality events for the community to get behind. People will come back if there is a spectacle being put on for the fans. Jose Nilo also stated, “We want to play with our ‘Brazilian Spice’; to bring back creativity to the field. We want to emulate the #JogaBonito model of relentless attacking through quick passes, superb 1v1 skills and quick transitions.” Their academy and youth teams have already shown that the samba style can thrive when provided the opportunity to breed creativity. Now it will be time for players that have graduated from the academy and youth teams to prove their worth at the next level of American soccer. They will be given the platform, resources and opportunity to showcase their skills during the inaugural 2016 NPSL season in hopes of achieving a professional soccer contract. It’s a goal that Corinthians USA has in the near future, financially compensating players for their hard work on the field. Until then, players will continue to work on their creative skills on the futsal and soccer fields!

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