ASC San Diego Looks to Defend and Build on NPSL Conference Championship


ASC San Diego Looks to Defend and Build on NPSL Conference Championship

During their brief history at the professional level, ASC San Diego has a long list of accomplishments. Two-time conference Champions (2016, 2018),

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During their brief history at the professional level, ASC San Diego has a long list of accomplishments. Two-time conference Champions (2016, 2018), completing an Undefeated NPSL Season (2016), reaching the National Quarterfinals (2016), and qualifying for the US Open Cup (2017). As an elite team within the country, ASC San Diego has beaten LA Galaxy II, Phoenix Rising, and Xolos. The team also had the pleasure of providing LAFC with an exciting 90 minutes.

ASC San Diego Home Opener: Saturday Mar 2, 6pm at Mission Bay Stadium

ASC San Diego begins their defense of the NPSL Southwestern Conference Championship on Saturday February 23 at FC Arizona in Phoenix. The team will then return home and host their “Opening Night Celebration” vs Riverside Coras on Saturday, March 2. Kickoff is at 6pm at Mission Bay Stadium. ASC San Diego also has a focus on local philanthropy. One dollar of ticket sold is donated to a local non-profit to support the local community.

ASC San Diego will also be a part of the inaugural NPSL Founders Cup. Top NPSL teams from the East and the West will be competing for the first-ever Founders Cup trophy at the championship match on November 16th. More info HERE.

SoccerNation reached out to ASC San Diego head coach, Ziggy Korytoski, to find out more about the team and the upcoming season.

SN: How would you describe the team’s style of play?
ZK: We look to be possession oriented and disciplined with the ball. We look to control the game with the purpose of creating numerical advantages in specific areas of the field that will then allow us to penetrate with proper movement. We look to create quality goal scoring opportunities over quantity. Defensively we look to regain possession by trapping the opposing team in certain areas of the field.

SN:How much do you adjust the team’s style and tactics based on each opponent?
ZK: We are definitely capable of adapting to an opponent. Some require us to approach our line of confrontation a little deeper. Some allow us to press higher on the field. In the attack, we may focus on certain areas of the field or specific positional relationships that we feel will create quality goal-scoring opportunities. This can change throughout the match based on the flow or score with the game. But with all this said, we will still try and stay true to our values of managing and dominating a game with short, quick passes and possession of the ball.

“Our crowd is first class”

SN:How does the game day crowd help the players?
ZK: Our crowd is first class and a tremendous advantage. They’re intelligent, loyal, loud, energetic and passionate about soccer in the community. It’s a privilege to represent America’s Finest City. We enjoy the youth players from every club, supporters old and new, families, neighbors, rivals and friends that dream and are proud to be a part of the vision which is becoming reality. We accept that we have the responsibility of representing the soccer revolution in San Diego. We understand that we must execute on the field and succeed each and every week. We all – and I mean staff, front office and players – all understand the importance of what we are building, know we are at the foundation of it, and are excited to live in this special moment each and every day. We play for each other. We play for San Diego. We play to be Champions!

SN:What players are you looking to make an impact this season?
ZK:We have just signed two players that have represented the US at the Youth National Team Level. Alexis Velela and Christian Enriquez are two San Diego products that I think have a very bright future in the game and will do very well in representing our community and our supporters. They both have played on the big stage and want to move San Diego soccer forward. They value the ball and commit to being true professionals with great character on and off the field.

SN:Any new additions to the roster or staff that are going to make a big difference this season?
ZK:I believe the addition of a physio to our staff has been a huge step forward in complementing our staff and will assist in getting us to the top. Bobby Buoncristiano is responsible for the health and well-being of our players and strives daily to maximize their performance. His work has made a tremendous impact on how we prepare, how we get the most from our sessions and allow our players to perform consistently at the highest of levels. The addition allows us to provide the optimal training environment for player development and team success.

SN:What positives are you looking to use to build on from last season?
ZK:Each season is one on its own. We have won the Conference two of three years, but we are looking to win a national championship. That will always be the case.

“The value of entertainment is worth every penny”

SN:Why should parents and families bring their kids to games?
ZK:It’s a safe environment for children of all ages and a great evening for families at a very affordable price. The level of play will surprise a first time attendee and the value of entertainment is worth every penny. The best part however is that players, coaches and families from all clubs around the community come together on these special home evenings to cheer and support soccer in San Diego while seeing play some of the best young talent from around the country.

Home Opener: Saturday March 2, 6pm at Mission Bay Stadium

all images by Keith and Michelle Dereld