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Athlete Player Profile

Congratulations for being selected to complete our Athlete Player Profile.

Please answer these questions! The more information you provide, the better! If you wish, you can view other Athlete Player Profiles to get ideas.

You also MUST provide pictures! Several action shots as well as a clear face shot wearing your team jersey. Let us know where the pictures were taken for our photo captions. Please send pictures by email to and make sure you place the name of the Athlete in the Subject Line.

First & Last Name: *

Club/Team: *

Please let us know what Club you play for and your team.

Coach's name: *

If you coach has a nick name, please let us know.

Coach's e-mail address: *

A comment from your coach is required for the player profile.

Date of Birth: *

Please enter your date of birth. Example: 5/7/94



Please estimate!

Years playing soccer? *

Favorite Position:

Please let us know what position you play the most.

Why do you like playing this position?

College (if relevant)

If you are committed to a college or university, please let us know.

Why do you feel that college selected you?

Please let us know why you feel this college selected you for their team.

Please describe your team for us. What do you like about your team? *

Please describe your coach: *

What do you like about your coach? What have you learned from your coach?

What is your earliest soccer memory? *

Who else likes soccer in your family? *

What’s your most memorable soccer moment? *

This could be when your team won a championship or game, or a more personal moment when you scored a goal or made a great assist or saved a goal...or even when you watched a professional game.

Parental approval *
Please check this box if you are 13 years old or under.

To contact you, please provide your email: *

Comments from your Coach

Please have your Coach (Current or Past) provide a few comments on your soccer abilities.

How many pictures will you be sending? *

Please remember we need action shots plus a picture of the athlete facing forward in a soccer jersey. Do not worry about the size of the images or the file size. SoccerNation's Art Department we will edit the images. FIles should be under 1 MB and 72 DPI.

Will you submit a YouTube Video? *
Soccer players often have videos they want to share. Please let us know if you want to send a video.


Please let us know your soccer accomplishments such as being selected for ODP and any Championships your team won.

Secret Code

In the box below, enter the Secret Code exactly as it appears above *

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