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San Diego Youth Soccer: SURF BU9 White Team Plays with Heart and Celebrates With "Chests"

SoccerNation Youth Club Soccer

SoccerNation Youth Club SoccerSan Diego Surf Soccer Club has many outstanding teams.   One of those hard working teams is the BU9 White team.  Danny Salas, Coach for Surf BU9 says “As Surf soccer moves forward, the club can build their program and expectations on the boys’ side around the accomplishments and quality of soccer of the BU9 white team.”  

While the stats on the team are terrific, the numbers do not tell the whole story.  The Surf BU9 team ranks top of the 2010 Presidio Gaming League with a total of 39 points after 13 games played and 13 wins.  The Team has scored a total of 76 goals for and has only allowed 10 goals against, and this is without a dedicated keeper on the team and all players rotating, taking turns playing goalie.  The team was unfortunately not able to play their last game of the season due to weather.

As Coach Salas says “Good things take time.  But the 9s have already got it.”  

SoccerNation San Diego Youth Soccer: Surf BU9 White

The whole story on this team includes the special bond the team shares.  Every player has a deep passion for the game of soccer and for each other.  The team mates are all known for congratulating each other when one scores – but, it is also important to realize their sense of bonding runs deeper. 

The team realizes and appreciates the importance and value of good assists and passes, and when a player attempts a really good creative play, but does not accomplish what they tried, this team is often supportive of the effort.   This once rambunctious group of boys has turned into a team, in every sense of the word.

Robert Uno, the team manager says "The team chemistry is so strong that our boys focus on playing harder each time they meet on the field.  The coach’s basic fundamental is for “the team to control the ball because then your opponent can’t score”.  You put those two ingredients together and you have a successful team.”

Why is this team winning?  One of the many reasons -- the kids real joy for soccer.  

The players show up 15 to 20 minutes early for every practice and the parents have to drag the kids of the field.  Seriously, if a player arrives on time for a practice, he 'feels' late and is joining an "ongoing shooting - who can score fest" as the kids practice without the coach.  

To really understand the accomplishments this team has put forth this season, one can compare the stats.  

Group A Blue Bracket Total
Wins Losses Ties Goals
A1 : SD Surf Boys 01-02 White 39 13 13 0 0 76 10
A3 : C. V. United Rangers Red 26 14 8 4 2 44 29
A2 : Manchester - BU09 ACADEMY 23 14 7 5 2 27 27
A7 : Aztecs FC (Gasca) 20 14 5 4 5 35 33
A8 : Kodiak SC - BU9 17 14 4 5 5 33 38
A4 : Nomads Soccer Club - B09 12 13 3 7 3 30 52
A5 : FC San Diego B2001 Gold 9 14 2 9 3 19 41
A6 : Express - BU09 White 8 14 2 10 2 13 47

The team roster:  Eitan Breziner, Chris Hegardt, Kian Hogan, Francisco “Pancho” Gomez, Zeke Mata, Chase Marion, Jorge Montgomery, Michael Scavuzzo, Derrick Stephenson, and Ish Uno.  The boys have a real passion for soccer and when interviewed recently and asked what they did off the field, they almost all answered they played FIFA Soccer on Xbox or another gaming console. 

Coach Salas says “It is rare to see a team that knows every professional player in virtually every club around the world and is able to juggle the ball 400 times at any age, especially 8 or 9 years of age.” 

Instead of just watching pro soccer this week, the team was asked by their coach to review their 3 games from last weekend and count how many times the player had scored goals, assists passes and had any selfish moves.  

SoccerNation Youth Club Soccer
SoccerNation Youth Club Soccer

As the boys end the Presidio season with 13-0, they look forward to the 4th annual Surf Thanksgiving Cup Tournament where they are scheduled to play teams from outside of Southern California; Futeca Camp Elite from Guatemala and Serene South - 02 Boys White from Arizona.  The team’s goal is to win the Thanksgiving Tournament and enjoy being automatically accepted into the prestigious Summer Surf Cup 2011. Salas says “Usually as a coach in San Diego, you are worried about teams from LA. But I think LA should be worried about this team.  I am looking forward to Surf Thanksgiving Cup.” 

The boys on the team like challenging soccer games and look forward to the competition ahead.  Last year, when playing up in the U9 bracket, the team played State Cup and make it to the Round of 32.  This year, the team is hoping for better results.  The team also wants to congratulate all players in their bracket for the great games and wish them luck in future competitions.