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Surf BU7 Win Nott's Forest

Youth Soccer News: Surf BU7's Win the Nott's Forest Championships U8 bracket

Nott's Forest Football Club 30th Annual Labor Day Cup Champions, Surf BU7 team played their hearts out, emerging from bracket play with a win, a loss and a tie. They faced a formidable Carlsbad Lightning Red U8 team in the Semi-Finals, and triumphed in the Finals against an accomplished Albion White U8 team. 

San Diego Surf Soccer Club BU7 Champions

Coach Mario Mrakovic, Xavier “X-Man” Zamora, Wesley Jackson, Will “Speedy” Bond, Carson Malinowski, Andre Philibbosian, Ramon Lucero, Jacob Ahooja. First row: Cole McCaffray, Owen Ebel, David Gavreau, Brycen Monjazeb, Nick Goskowicz, Ryan Flather, Luc Kourie. Missing BU7 team members are: William Alexander and Nicholas “Nico” Karam.

Coached by Mario Mrakovic, the Surf BU7's win the Nott's Forest Labor Day Soccer Tournament and become the champions, while playing up in the U8 bracket. Parents, player and coach were all proud of this accomplishment.


Home TeamScore Visiting TeamScore
SURF Boys White U7 4 vs. SDSC BU 8~Tennelle 4
Albion SC - White - Crowe 3 vs. SURF Boys White U7 2
SURF Boys White U7 3 vs. Nott's Forest FC BU8 0
SEMI FINAL: Carlsbad Lightning RED BU8 3 vs. SURF Boys White U7 4
FINAL: SURF Boys White U7 3 vs. Albion SC - White - Crowe 1

Surf Coach Mario Mrakovic was very proud of this young team."Our Surf U7 team, with the help of three true U8 Surf players, did the unthinkable on the last day of tournament. Odds of winning a soccer tournament were not in our favor on Monday. The possibility of topping the best Lightning U8 team in the semis, and then defeating the best Albion U8 team in the finals, all in the span of 4 hours! On paper the odds were probably 1:1000," said Coach Mrakovic.

"We had a great game plan and a strategy how to confront both teams, and it worked as planned. We played the games to our strengths and it paid off. The boys followed the instructions very well and deservingly won the trophy. There was no luck in their success, it was not a fluke. The players earned the title of champions and deserved the win with their hard play, determination and team effort," said Mrakovic.

"The Surf’s grassroots development program is clearly working. As a Coach, it was a wonderful and most humble pleasure to see the boys experience the feeling for the first time of becoming a champion and putting a medal on. We work and train so hard, and this was their reward. I couldn’t be happier for them and their parents," said Mrakovic.

Surf BU7 team roster for the Nott's Forest tournament included: Andre Philibbosian, Cole McCaffray, David Gavreau, Jacob Ahooja, Luc Kourie, Nicholas Goskowicz, Owen Ebel, Ramon Lucero, Will Bond, Xavier Zamora, and guest players Ryan Flather, Carson Malinowski, Brycen Monjazeb, and Wesley Jackson.

Coach Mario Mrakovic attributed the victory to outstanding collaboration and thanked our guest players, Brycen, Ryan, Carson and Wesley, for helping the team prevail against tremendous odds. 

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