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Southern California Developmental Soccer League Answers Questions
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Youth Soccer News: Southern California Developmental Soccer League Initial Guidelines. 

There are so many questions regarding the new Southern California Developmental Soccer League (SCDSL) and as with establishing any organization, it takes time to determine the procedures and committees. As Scott Murray, Real So Cal Director of Coaching (DOC) and one of the founding clubs said "It takes time to organize everything and we are taking our time to do it right."  

Now the SCDSL's website is launched and there are answers to some of the basic questions. For DOCs that are interested in joining the new league, the SCDSL Club Application Form is in the final review stages and will soon be available online. For more information on the ideas behind this new league, please read SN's interview with four of the several founding Directors of Coaching: Scott Murray, Sasha van der Most, Teddy Chronopolous and Derek Armstrong on the New League.

For easy reference, the Southern California Developmental Soccer League (SCDSL) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) are below:

What are the team fees and what do league costs include?

SCDSL: A budget is being prepared by the SCDSL Executive Committee. All efforts are being made to reduce team fees as they relate to the SCDSL.

Who is in charge of the league?

SCDSL: Participating clubs DOC's are in charge of all technical issues related to the game of soccer. Coaching Technical Committee consists of:

Tad Bobak - So Cal Blues

Alberto Bru - Real So Cal

Gus Castaneda - West Coast FC

Teddy Chronopoulos - Cosmos Academy

Whalid Khoury - Slammers FC

Mauricio Ingrassia - Beach FC

Matt Swindle - United FC

Is there an Executive Board?

SCDSL: Yes. There is a nine person Executive Board elected by all participating clubs. The Executive Board's main goal is to manage and administrate the SCDSL as well as be the checks-and-balance to the Technical Committee. The Executive Board will also be responsible for establishing the budget.

Is there an agreement with any referee association to provide refs?

SCDSL: We are currently speaking to referee associations across Southern California. There will be a referee coordinator that will be charged with creating an accountability plan with all referee associations. This plan will also include referee assessments, referee education, mentoring and referee qualifications.

Where will the games be played?

SCDSL: All teams will be required to supply home fields.

What fields has the SCDSL secured?

SCDSL: Rancho Capistrano, Oaks Blenheim and the two new facilities at Galway Downs in Temecula and Silverlakes in Norco.

Are there any league forming documents (bylaws, constitution) in existence?

SCDSL: This is a priority and the Executive Board and the Technical Committee will be working together to establish Rules and Bylaws.  SCDSL is applying for Cal South sanctioning.

When does the season start?

SCDSL: SCDSL will begin its Fall 2011 competition this September. Showcase events will be designated once a month at sites to be determined (TBD).

What are showcases?

SCDSL: Once a month starting in September and continuing through November, the SCDSL has designated one weekend to have showcase events. This is an opportunity to bring all of the clubs together at one site. Each team is required to play 2 games on Saturday or Sunday. These games will be used for your cross-conference league standings.

How are teams bracketed per age group in the SCDSL?

SCDSL: There are 2 brackets in the SCDSL, Flight 1 and Flight 2. Teams are bracketed by geography and level of play.

How are flights determined?

SCDSL: Club DOC's are responsible for the placement of each team in their club. Technical Committee will review.

Will there be promotion/relegation?  

SCDSL: No, there will be no mandatory promotion or relegation based results of league play.

Is there movement between flights year to year?


Will there be team standings?

SCDSL: Yes, U11-U19 will be competing for league and flight championships.

Is the SCDSL accepting any additional participated clubs?

SCDSL: Yes, the league looks forward to controlled growth. There is not a maximum number of clubs established.

How does a club apply?

SCDSL: All clubs interested in participating in the SCDSL must submit an application that can be downloaded online 

Is league following the same age bracketing as Presidio and Coast and using August 1 Date of Birth?


Will teams be allowed to participate in Cal South State and National Cups?  

SCDSL: Yes, every team registered in the SCDSL will be allowed to participate.

Will the SCDSL provide a Spring Season component as well?


Does every team in a club have to play in the SCDSL?

SCDSL: No. A minimum of 5 teams from a club is required to participate in the SCDSL.

Will USSDA/ECNL teams have their own brackets?

SCDSL: No. All non-USSDA/ECNL teams will have the opportunity to play USSDA/ECNL teams.

Will the technical committee and the executive board be paid positions?


What are the new development concepts that the SCDSL will be implementing?


1. Club passes will provide clubs the ability to play players up for development purposes.

2. The SCDSL will eliminate the "winning at all costs" mentality at the introductory level. U9-U10's will be competing for the results of the game. No standings.

3. Substitution Rules are implemented to help coaches and players learn how to better manage the game. · U9-U10's: Free substitution · U11-U13's: One re-entry per half per player. · U14-U19's: College rules will apply. No re-entry in first half. One re-entry in second half.

4. The SCDSL will be implementing US Soccer's Respect Initiative.

Everyday: Respect

Respect: Yourself

Respect: Your Coach

Respect: The Referees

Respect: The Game 

5. The goal of the SCDSL is very simple; to allow all participating clubs to have the freedom to make decisions that are in the best interest of all their players and to place the league's priority first and foremost on true player development. As our league is in the building stage, please look for any further additions or adjustments.

The SCDSL Founding Clubs are (in alphabetical order):

Arsenal FC, Beach Soccer Club, Chivas USA, Cosmos Academy, Irvine Strikers, L.A. Galaxy, Laguna Hills Eclipse, Legends FC, Nomads, OC Revolution, Pateadores, PVSC Exiles, Real So Cal, Slammers FC, So Cal Blues, So Cal Infinity, South Bay Force, South Coast Bayern San Diego Surf Soccer Club, United FC, and West Coast FC.

According to the league’s statement, more news will be forthcoming.  For further information, please visit the leagues new website or contact one of the following DOCs:

Scott Murray: 
Teddy Chronopoulos:
Don Ebert:

Editorial note:  It is a significant undertaking launching a new league and while these answers only seem to give rise to more questions, this seems to be a good time for patience.  As a well known DOC not part of the league has said, "There have been so many changes recently in youth soccer.  More changes in the last 3 years than in the past 30.  It can be unsettling. Some of the best clubs in America are already involved in the new league." Let's give them time to work out all the details.  

Initially, this information was sent to SN by Derek Armstrong, DOC Nomads Soccer Club.

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