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Sockers Chris Toth
Sockers Chris Toth | Chris Toth, Zoltan Toth, San Diego Sockers

Chris Toth poses with his father Zoltan Toth at the ceremony retiring the senior Toth's No. 1 jersey by the San Diego Sockers

SoccerNation Interviews Sockers Goalie Chris Toth

Long-time fans of indoor soccer, and particularly the San Diego Sockers, quickly recognize the name “Toth” when they hear it. For years Zoltan “Zoalie the Goalie” Toth was the last line of defense for the multi-champion Sockers. In addition to his time with the Sockers, Zoalie played for the Hungarian National Team, as did his father, another goalkeeper.

Now it is Christ Toth's time to shine. Zoltan's son, Chris, has taken up the same position of goalie with the current two-time PASL champions; the San Diego Sockers. SoccerNation sat down with this third generation goalkeeper to learn more about him, the team and his famous father.

SoccerNation News: Chris, thank you for taking some time with us. Can you tell us how things look right now for the upcoming San Diego Sockers’ PASL season?

Chris Toth: Everything is looking reat.  The season starts soon and our first home game is on November 19th at the  Del Mar Arena. So far, practice is going well and we should be strong for this season. 

Riley Swift will be goalie again this season and I will be backing him up. Hopefully I will be getting a few more games this season.

SNN: Are you looking forward to challenging the new PASL team, the Anaheim Bolts?

Chris Toth: Yes, it is going to be exciting to go there and have them come to us.  I am sure they going to push us as hard as they can, especially as Paul Wright is with them now.  It is going it be really fun to play those games.

SNN: Who else are you looking forward to playing and expect to be good competition?

Chris Toth: The Cincinnati Kings from the Eastern Division should be good and also the Tacoma Stars from our Western Division. And going to play Revolucion Tijuana is always hard. There are new teams as well.  The Anaheim Bolts may start challenging right off the start.  They have Paul Wright now.

SNN: What do like about being goalie?


Chris Toth: I like making the big saves that change the game from being very tight to a victory.

One big save in the game can be a game changer.

The feeling of going up to make the save, being there and making a reaction save, the feeling you have after making the save – there is nothing like it.

SNN: What is the role of goalie?

Chris Toth: The role of the goalie is to make the saves and to communicate to his team.  Being a goalie, you have a great persepective on what is happening and with indoor, the role includes a lot more communication. 

A big part of the role of being goalie is also controlling the pace of the game. If you are winning, you can slow the pace of the game down. If the team is losing, you want to speed up the game by getting the ball out as quickly you can.

It is also important that a goalie communicates in marking the players.  In indoor, if there is one player open a goal can happen at any time. You always need to make sure the players are marked up at all times.

SNN: How did learn to be a goalie?

Chris Toth: That is easy.  My dad.

Zoltan Toth, Zoalie the Goalie, is my father and we trained all the time and I loved it. 

I went to all of the camps and trainings. I was the little kid who loved doing all the drills and I was good at them.  I would always train with older kids and I knew what to do. It was great experience for me.

SNN: How old were you when you started playing?

Chris Toth: Very young. I was probably about 3 or 4 years old

SNN: Who are your favorite goalies to watch now?

Chris Toth: Right now two of my favorites are Gianluigi Buffon, who plays for Juventus and the Italian National Team, and the Inter Milan goalie Júlio César.  My all-time favorite is my dad, of course, and I also liked to watch Edwin van der Sar, who played for the Netherlands and with Manchester United.

SNN: What was your most memorable save?

Chris Toth: Actually, it was when I was playing with the Fallbrook Fury when I was U13 or U14. One of the opposing players took a high shot and it was going so fast that I had to jump up in the air, and I did a back flip when I blocked it. The ball landed in front of the goal and then the forward took another shot on goal and I blocked it with my body by jumping in front of it.

SNN:  In a tough game, a game that perhaps your team is losing, how do you turn on the juice? How do you turn around a game that is not going well?

Chris Toth: You tell yourself you have to hang in there and that you are not losing the game. That’s when you know you have to play better and that you cannot make any errors in passing. You start feeling it and find your rhythm.

SNN: What advice do you have for a player who wants to be a professional goalie?

Chris Toth: Work on making all the saves you can make, and work on the basics. Once you have the basics down, everything else should start coming – the big saves will come.

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