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SoccerNation News' Soccer Locker Review: Perfect Kick Ball
SoccerNation News' Soccer Locker Review: Perfect Kick Ball | Perfect Kick, Perfect Kick Soccer, Zoltan Toth, ChaCha Namdar

SoccerNation News' Soccer Locker Review: Learn to Kick Perfectly with the Perfect Kick Soccer Ball

Youth Soccer News: The new Perfect Kick soccer ball uses visual cues to help players learn how to strike the ball perfectly. If you kick the ball right, you only see ONE color spinning.

We have all heard the term “bending the ball,” and who has not heard of the popular movie Bend It like Beckham? And it is not only superstars like David Beckham who can put incredible spins on a soccer ball.

An experienced soccer player can bend the ball in all sorts of ways using different parts of the foot. These different types of kicks can be used to avoid defenders and elude goalkeepers. In the more competitive levels of soccer, the ability to bend the ball is a necessity. Unfortunately, learning how to bend the ball using the correct technique is difficult, and teaching someone to do it can be even more so.

The Perfect Kick soccer ball may be the solution to this problem. At first glance, the ball looks like a normal soccer ball with three different colored stripes on it.  But it's much more than that.  These bright stripes are actually an instant feedback training tool using color-fusion technology.  If the ball is kicked properly, a solid line on the ball will appear. If not struck properly, the ball spins sporadically and appears spotted.

“It's not just practice that makes perfect, it's PERFECT practice, makes PERFECT,” says Carlos Basso, soccer coach, former Brazilian professional soccer player, and co-creator of Perfect Kick. “The Perfect Kick soccer ball gives players instant feedback to master all the kicks.”

This is a great tool for learning how to bend or otherwise control the soccer ball.

"Now players can use their vision, see it and then do it" said former San Diego Sockers star ChaCha Namdar, director of Scripps United Soccer Club, "This ball teaches the inside of the foot pass, bending the ball, and the outside of the foot pass."

“We try to teach the kids to use the proper part of the foot, hit the proper part of the ball,” Namdar explained. “Now, with this new ball…you can show them the way the spin of the ball has to be.”

San Diego Soccer Club (SDSC), Cal South ODP Coach and former professional soccer player John Napier agrees. "Carlos Brasso, TVSA Hawks coach and former San Diego Sockers player, introduced the ball at one of my summer camps. It was a very good demonstration and I was impressed, as were the kids," said Napier. "I like the visual aspects as youth players can relate to seeing the colors spin. The ball is true to the technical ability of how it is kicked. The spin, the dip, how it is driven -- all are clearly visible as the ball spins through the air.  Do you see a single color or a mess of colors? it really is a great addition to a player or team. The ball will improve your game."

When trying to learn to kick the ball normally, it is very hard to determine why the ball spins the wrong way when kicked incorrectly. With the Perfect Kick, the player can see that he or she is hitting it unevenly, and then refer to the instructional video to see how to correct this problem.

A coach will often face a situation where a player keeps kicking the ball the same way, thinking it is the right way, when it actually isn’t. Using the color stripe technology, the coach can try to show the player how the ball was hit incorrectly, by showing how to hit a ball for a pure color stripe.

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Even goalkeepers can use the ball to train. A goalie can learn about the way a ball moves from different types of spin by practicing with a ball where they can see the spin clearly.

"I am very happy I have it to teach my goalies," said legendary San Diego Sockers goalkeeper and now goalkeeper coach Zoltán Tóth, "I wish I had it when I was a kid."


What do the coaches really say?

Quotes from Expert Soccer Players /Coaches on the Perfect Kick Soccer Ball and Training System

ChaCha Namdar, Director of Scripps United Soccer Club

Asghar Shadin "Cha Cha" Namdar is a retired Iranian-American soccer player who spent time in the Major Indoor Soccer League, North American Soccer League and Continental Indoor Soccer League. He says:

  • "Unbelievable soccer ball!"
  • "Best Invention I've ever seen"
  • "Wish I had it when I was a kid"
  • "This ball teaches the inside of the foot pass, bending the ball, outside of the foot pass."
  • "Everything they need to know, the ball will teach them"
  • "Now they can use their vision, see it and then DO IT. And then learn how to do it the proper way"

Brian Quinn, Director of Coaching at San Diego Soccer Club

Brian Quinn, born 24 May 1960 in Belfast, Northern Ireland is a retired Irish-American soccer player and coach. He spent most of his professional career in North America where he played in the North American Soccer League and Major Indoor Soccer League. He later coached in the Continental Indoor Soccer League and Major League Soccer. Quinn earned 48 caps for the U.S. national team between 1991 and 1994 upon becoming an American citizen. He says:

  • "This ball is a great little invention"
  • "Makes the game magical"
  • "Kids make themselves great players"

Zoltan Toth, Former Pro & Goalkeeper Coach

Zoltán Tóth, born 29 December 1955 in Budapest, is a former soccer goalkeeper for the championship San Diego Sockers and currently coaches. He played for Ujpest in Budapest from 1975 to 1979 and once played for the Hungarian national team in 1979. He says: 

  • "Wish I had this ball when I was a kid"
  • "Very happy I have it to teach my goalies" 

Michael Vandereb, Coach at TVSA Hawks

Michael Vandereb was Executive Board Member for Temecula Valley Soccer Academy and from 2002 to the present and is Director of Coaches for TVSA recreational youth soccer. Vendereb was 2009 Cal South NIKE Coach of the Year and 2009 District 5 Honoree. He says:

  • "Helps in individual ball skills and teaches how to strike the ball"
  • "Teaches players how to control the ball"
  • "Increases the player's ability to put back spin on the ball. They can see the rotation and how it reacts when struck"
  • "A ball like this is invaluable"
Preparation meets opportunity with Perfect Kick Soccer.

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