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SoccerNation News' Soccer Locker Review: Jon Busch Match Pro Gloves
SoccerNation News' Soccer Locker Review: Jon Busch Match Pro Gloves | Soccer Locker Review, Jon Busch, Jon Busch Match Pro Gloves, High Performance Goalkeeping, HPG, MLS, San Jose Earthquakes, Jon Busch Gear

The goalie gloves Jon Busch wears when he plays for the MLS

SoccerNation News’ Soccer Locker Review: Who Better To Design Goalie Gloves than MLS San Jose Earthquake's Pro Goalie Jon Busch?

Ever stopped to think who designs goalie gloves and how they know what is important? Often a team of designers work to create a great goalie glove, yet those creating the equipment have never walked on the field determined to stop a ball from finding the back of the net. When you stop and think, who better to design goalie gloves than the MLS San Jose Earthquake's Pro Goalie, Jon Busch?

While cleats are probably the most abused piece of equipment in soccer, goalkeeper gloves certainly must rank second. Through training, practice and matches, gloves take a beating and need to be replaced frequently.

In the world of youth soccer this means the goalie gloves often have to be replaced before a young goalie has even begun to outgrown them.

Gloves can be expensive for a top-quality pair. It is not unusual for youth soccer parents to shell out over $100 for a top-of-the-line pair of gloves. Plus, it is not unusual for a young goalkeeper to have multiple gloves for training, practice sessions and games.

Jon Busch is starting goalkeeper for the MLS San Jose Earthquakes. Photo courtesy of Jon Busch

Enter the Jon Busch Match Pro Gloves from High Performance Goalkeeping (HPG). These classic style gloves are made with a 4mm Mega Grip latex palm and extended palm-wrapped thumb for superior grip and durability.

They also feature a ventilated back hand for added comfort during long matches. The glove provides a tighter fit, allowing for better catching and ball control by the goalie.

On top of that, these gloves have stood the test of the best in Major League Soccer (MLS).

Jon Busch, who custom designed and tested the gloves, is the starting goalkeeper for the San Jose Earthquakes and has worn these gloves exclusively through the 2012 and 2013 seasons.  

The glove Busch wears sells for a remarkable $79 and "provides a tighter fit allowing the Keeper better catching and ball control."

Being a young and trendy company, you can keep up with Jon Busch and these goalie gloves on Facebook and Twitter.

“I have always been interested in goalkeeping gloves, ever since I put my first pair on when I was 10 years old,” Busch told SoccerNation News.

“The past five years I have worn gloves from a few different smaller companies, and I was able to start learning the business side of these companies. Two years ago Rob Hoehn, HPG owner in Canada, brought me on board, and now I design all the gloves and apparel and run HPG in the USA.”

Understanding that quality is important for pro players and those serious youth soccer stars of tomorrow (and their parents,) the Jon Busch Match Pro Gloves are made with top-level materials, but don’t carry a top-level price. Busch points out that parents can buy two pair of HPG gloves for the price of the top-of-the-line from some of the major companies.

“I remember growing up as a kid, an expensive pair of gloves was $45-$60,” said Busch,who started to play the position of goalie when he was in middle school.

“Now you look and they are selling gloves at $150 a pair. Any parent that has a goalkeeper has to buy several pair each season. Obviously at the higher levels, the more the kids play and train the more the parents have to buy. We wanted to make sure that parents could get a top-quality glove at an affordable price, and we’ve been able to do that at HPG. The Jon Busch glove that we sell on our website is the exact same glove I wear on a day-to-day basis in the MLS.”

In addition to gloves, Busch has helped to design a full line of goalkeeper apparel, including the “Jon Bush Gear” line of pants and jerseys.

“I worked on not just the gloves but the apparel for four or five months,” said Busch, “testing and retesting it to make sure we got it right and to get top-quality gear out there.”

If your young goalkeeper wants to suit up like the pros, HPG can help you do it for a reasonable cost. You can check out the Jon Busch Match Pro Gloves and the rest of the Jon Busch Gear line at HPG. They also carry other goalkeeper gloves, designed by Jon Busch.

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