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New Elite Girls Soccer League EGSL
New Elite Girls Soccer League EGSL | EGSL, ECBL, Elite Girls Soccer League

Soccer News:  The NEW “Elite Girls Soccer League”

Just announced, the new Elite Girls Soccer League, referred to as EGSL, is the talk of the Southern California youth soccer community.  Who is launching a new youth soccer league? Who can play in it? When does it start?  Here are the answers to your questions.

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Why was the Elite Girls Soccer League (“EGSL”) created?

The EGSL was born from collaboration between current Elite Clubs National League (“ECNL”) Directors of Coaching in order to address the college recruiting needs for the sister team players in their clubs. The ECNL has evolved into the premier destination for college coaches seeking to recruit players for their teams and, until now, the excellent, and deserving players on the sister teams not receiving regular exposure on the ECNL teams, were limited in their opportunities to be scouted. The EGSL is a league for the ECNL sister teams designed to attract coaches from colleges of all sizes and all levels which will result in an increased number of scholarship offers for the sister team players.

The EGSL was formed with the approval of the ECNL and will include ECNLsister teams as well as the Jr. ECNL first teams (U12 and U13).

Who will play in the EGSL?

Invited to be founding members of the EGSL for the inaugural season are the ECNL sister teams from the SoCal Conferences (U14 – U17), as well as the Jr. ECNL teams (U12 and U13) from those same ECNL clubs. The U14 –U17 sister teams will play a spring league schedule and will have a fall and/or spring College Showcase event as well as participate in the EGSL Club Championships. The U14 sister teams will participate in a spring leaguecircuit and the EGSL Club Championship. Jr. ECNL age groups will participate in a spring league, an EGSL Showcase – Jr. ECNL Event in the spring and the EGSL Club Championship event. 

What about the out-of-area teams in these conferences?

The out-of-area teams ~ including NorCal, NV, AZ, WA, UT and ID ~ will participate in the showcase events and the EGSL Club Championships. This will allow the SoCal teams the opportunity to cross-play teams that they do not play during the EGSL season.

What is the EGSL Club Championship?

Every club participating in the EGSL, including the out-of-state clubs, will qualify for the EGSL Club Championship Showcase event taking place in late-June or early-July beginning in 2014. All games played in the EGSL will factor in to team seeding, by age group, in the EGSL Club Championship. By having an overall Club Champion, every game at the event will count towards the Clubs overall point total. The event will be planned in advance in order to minimize the financial impact of the event.

What are the showcase events?

The showcase events for the U15 – U17 have yet to be scheduled but are planned to consist of a fall event in conjunction with an ECNL event if possible and/or a spring event expected to be in Las Vegas. The Jr. ECNL event will be held in the spring beginning in 2014.

What does the spring league consist of?

Southern California U14 - U17 sister teams will play each other, in the spring, either home or away, preferably on the same play date at the same venue as their ECNL counter-parts, to maximize the potential of college coach attendance at the games. The EGSL will piggy-back the ECNL schedule when possible. All games will count towards standings within the league and towards seeding at the EGSL Club Championship Showcase Event.

What do the winners of the spring league and club championship get?

The EGSL has reached an agreement with Surf Cup, the premier college showcase event in the country, whereby the SoCal winner of each age group in the EGSL will qualify for automatic entry in to the Surf Cup Summer* tournament. The EGSL is fortunate as well that Surf Cup has also agreed that each age group winner at the EGSL Club Championships will qualify for automatic entry into the Surf Cup Thanksgiving1 event.

What type of player card do the players need to play in the EGSL?

The league is being sanctioned by US Club Soccer so all players must be registered through US Club Soccer to participate in the EGSL.

Will college coaches attend EGSL games?

All Directors of Coaching involved in this league have committed to communicate and market the EGSL players to the college coaches with whom they are in contact and have established relationships with. Education is an important part of the process. By educating the players and the parents on realistic expectations and goals in the player’s college aspirations and by helping the players focus on the type of college that is best for them, each Director of Coaching can then help them facilitate communication with these college coaches and assist in getting these coaches out to EGSL matches.

What is the goal of the EGSL?

The goal of the EGSL is to assist each player on an ECNL sister teams in realizing their dream of playing college soccer and to give the Jr. ECNL teams the chance to play each other in competitive games both within their own conference and in a showcase event as well as be a part of the EGSL Club Championship.

What ECNL clubs will participate in the EGSL?

All of these clubs will be participating in the EGSL in some capacity ~ Arsenal FC, Crossfire Premier, DeAnza Force, Eagles SC, Heat FC, LV Premier, Mustangs SC, MVLA, Nova FC, Pleasanton Rage, Real So Cal, San Diego Surf Soccer Club, San Juan SC, Santa Rosa United, SC Del Sol, Sereno SC, Slammers FC, So Cal Blues, Strikers FC, Utah Avalanche, Washington Premier and West Coast FC.

Please Note *: Each qualifying team must complete an application for the Surf Cup event and pay the entry fee for the event prior to posted deadlines. The Surf Cup entry fee must be paid by each qualifying team.

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