Chivas USA 4-2 Chivas de Guadalajara

Diane Scavuzzo

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Chivas USA's goalkeeper Zack Thronton makes a diving save. Photo Credit: MIke Blake (Reuters)

San Diego Pro Soccer: Chivas USA wins 4-2 against Chivas de Guadalajara
San Diego soccer fans were thrilled last night when Chivas USA played Chivas de Guadalajara in the ChivaClásico and won 4-2 on penalty kicks after a 0-0 tie game.  More than 23,000 screaming soccer fans showed up to watch the 'Mexican 'match at Petco Park
Rumors filled the stadium of Chivas USA moving to San Diego, but that is all they were -- rumors as the LA based Chivas USA has no intentions of moving closer to the border.

Major League Soccer (MLS) has become very exciting and San Diego, a city well known for its soccer fans, welcomed the Chiavs USA and Chivas de Guadelajara with joy.
San Diego leads the country in soccer fans and was the #1 TV market during the World Cup for the U.S. games.  It is no wonder that Chivas USA came to town.  The only question why don't they stay?

According to the Grahame L. Jones article in the Los Angeles Times, "We're not coming down here. L.A.'s our home," says Shawn Hunter, the president and chief executive of Chivas USA. "We've said all along that when the right opportunity presents itself, we'd like to build our own stadium. We had a lot of great conversations going on two years ago and then the economy crashed. We've kind of started those again, but all the conversations we're having are in L.A."

Chivas USA played well and dominated.  It was great to see he USA team control the game that tied 0-0 until pentalty kicks.  Chivas USA deserved to win, according to many fans at Petco Park.  The Chivas goalkeeper, Zack Thronton was amazing with his diving saves.
SoccerNation polled our audience before the game.  The result? Overwhelming percent of voters believed that Chivas de Guadalajara would win.  Others thought the friendly match would end in a tie.  Few faithful fans thought Chiavs USA would be victorious.  Congratulations again to Chivas USA.